Refunding Credit Card Payments

Credit/Void Link:

Through Invoices tab --> Gateway Payments, you can refund a credit card transaction (ACH not available at this time) simply by clicking Submit Credit/Void.  In most cases the Credit option will be used, however, the Void option is usually available within the first 12 hours after a transaction has been created.  This allows you cancel the transaction completely.  The details on these two options are listed below:


Issue a CREDIT if the transaction has already been settled. The credit will be issued to the same credit card that was originally used for the transaction.

Issue a VOID if the transaction has not yet been settled. This will prevent the transaction from being settled.

1. Use the filter provided to locate your customer and the payment to be refunded then click the Credit/Void link to continue:

2. Enter the amount to be refunded into the Credit Amount field and select whether a Credit or Void transaction is required (Note: Transactions can only be voided within approximately 12 hours of the original transaction date/time).  Click Submit Credit/Void to complete your transaction.

Info Link:

Clicking on the Info link allows you to view the details of each individual transaction.  Some of the detailed information your find is as follows:

  • Date
  • Charge Amount
  • Response
  • Response Code
  • Response Text
  • Authorization Code
  • Transaction ID
  • Order Number

*NOTE: At this time, only Credit Card transactions can be refunded through Gateway Payments.  E-Check transactions must be refunded through your payment gateway account.